David Blanasi & The White Cockatoo Performing Group – Aboriginal Culture / Didjeridu Tour 2001.

Feat: David Blanasi, Tom Kelly. Darryl Dikarrna, Jack Nawalill, Norman, Frank. Wugularr Community, Northern Territory, Australia. Lars Wallin, Sweden.

”Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are warned that this film may contain images of deceased people”

A group of tourists from Sweden and Japan visit Wugularr Community in Northern Territory, Australia in june 2001. The legendary didjeridu master David Blanasi shows them how to craft a didjeridu. We will see unique and rare scenes from ceremonies, bush walks etc. Everything you ever wanted to know about the didjeridu / Mago.
This is the last video with the old master who sadly disappeared only weeks after this film was made.

”David Blanasi went missing in August, 2001, reportedly after going out to search for wood to be used in instrument making. Newspaper coverage brought the situation into the public eye, and his disappearance generated widespread speculation and a number of rumors regarding ”magical” occurrences. No trace of Blanasi has been found since 2001, but a number of spiritualists have claimed to be ”in touch” with him. Although his body was never found, his family eventually held a funeral ceremony for him” Wikipeadia.


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