1- 11/8-13 Sunny days with Lars Wallin & The TribeLars on tour in Germany and Czech Republic

1- 11/8-13 Sunny days with Lars Wallin & The TribeLars on tour in Germany and Czech Republic

To describe our last tour let me refer to some of my favourite songs ” A sunny day” by The New Christs” and hmm, ”My favourite room” with the Lime Spiders, that could maybe sum it up I guess. Co´s we did have some sunny days from day one when we arrived in Berlin early on friday the 2 august. + 35 degrees in the shade and guess if that cold beer tasted good. On our schedule we had seven gigs coming up. 3/8 Slaughterhouse, Berlin, 4/8 Soupanova, Berlin, 6/8 Kunsthofgohlis, Dresden, 7/8 Modra Vopice, Prague, 8/8 Ponorka, Litvinov, 9/9 Amfiteatr, Valasske Mezericci and 10/8 Jazz Tibet Club in Olomouc. I guess my favourite room, except for my own home of course is on Wrangelstrasse, Kreuzberg in Berlin. The livingroom in the apartment of our host and dear friend Anne Von Keller from the band Sorry Giblerto (I love the whole apartment). In the afternoon we hooked up with another Swedish band, Sterile Hermaphrodite and went to a art exhibition in Neustadt, great fun, art and live music. I just love Berlin, especially Kreuzberg and the surrounding areas. Berlin must be the capital city of culture in the world, can´t think of another place for the moment. London might have been it in the passed, as New York of course, but today I would say, Berlin. Anyway, after a fantastic friday with heaps of great beer, art exhibitions, vegetarian fast food and friends, the calender said 4th august, gig time. At the club Slauhgterhouse we met the other Swedish bands that were supposed to play that night, five bands from Uddevalla on a little tour organized by me (Studiefrämjandet, Kulturföreningen Uddevallakassetten). Lars Wallin & The TribeLars opened the night followed by Pan, Johan Lööw & Impulserna, K. and Sterile Hermaphrodite. It´s really great fun to travel as a circus with bands and people, you explore together, meet people, see places and of course support each another.

On sunday Anne took us to the massive flea market at Mauer Park, maybe one of the biggest flea markets I ever seen. We crused Prenzlauer Berg, took a little trip in her car to see Brandenburger Tor, the TW tower etc.We had lunch at one of my favourite places in Berlin, Freischwimmer, highly recommended. In the afternoon we went to the club Soupanova were Lars Wallin & The TribeLars, K. and Johan Lööw & Impulserna performed. I guess Soupanova also is on the list of favourite place, what a cosy and cool little club. On tuesday we drove to Dresden were the gig at Kunsthofgohlis unfortunatelly got cancelled due to the flooding. The restaurant had 1,5 metre of water inside, not much to do. Hopefuly we will get back next year, we love Kunsthofgohlis. Instead we had a few hours to be tourists, Dresden is a beautiful town. Later in the afternoon we drove to Dubi in Czech Republic to see another dear old friend and promoter, Petr Ruzicka ANK. We went to our favourite restaurant in Dubi for some fried cheese with chips, not so healthy I know, but more or less the only vegetarian alternative on the menue. On wednesday we drove one hour south to Prague, me Hanna and Jenny did everything a tourist has to do, walk the Charles bridge, visit the big square etc, more fried cheese and cold beer. In the afternoon we drove to the cool club Modra Vopice (The Blue Monkey), it turned out to be a great night, 3 great shows by K. Johan and of course us. Can´t fail with Hanna in the band. After the shows Johan and Pontus entertained the staff + guests that refused to go home.

Litvinov and the club Ponorka was the next stop. Another fine little club runned by friendly people. And warmed up by last night succes one again Johan and Pontus did what they had to do after our gigs, they played classic swedish Roxette hits.
A long drive south were coming up next day, 400´k´s to Valasske Mezericci, a trip that included 2 hours traffic jam between Prague and Brno. The gig in Valasske Mezericci were planned to be at the beautiful Amfiteatre. Everything was set up when me and Hanna arrived, as we were a bit late co´s of the traffic jam we hurried to unpack for soundcheck. Ready to go the rain started to fall, and after checking to fore cast it was decided to move the concert to M Club in central Valasske, a very nice and old club famous in whole Czech Republic. Johan Lööw & Impulserna + K. were also late because of the traffic jam so me and Hanna decided to entertaine the audience who already had arrived and were waiting with a full acoustic concert, It went really well and it gaved time for the others to get ready. A really great night with great concerts, K. and their music really goes down well both in Berlin and Czech Republic, Johan Lööw & Impulserna who are singing in Swedish must have been exiting for the audience, and of course, good music is good music, they loved it. I’ve said it before but it felt really great to arrive in a little town you maybe never heard of or visited before and then you see the busses come rolling in packed with friends from your hometown, and you know you have a great party + concerts coming up. That´s life my friends.

The last gig on the tour were planned to be at the beautiful club Jazz Tibet Club in Olomouc, not far from Valasske Mezericci, the concert got moved to a outdoor venue called Kino a few hundreds meters away, a great place as well. After the gig the Tribe started to drive to Dubi in the north of Czech Republic to swap cars. K. drove all the way to Rostock, a nice little trip on 800´k´s. Johan Lööw and his band stayed in Olomouc and started their journey back home the day after.

To sum it up. We had the best time, we had some sunny days and I got to stay in my favourite room. Big up to everybody involved, we love you, thank´s!

Lars Wallin

p.s You will find heaps of pictures and videos on facebook.com/larswallinandthetribelars



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