Summer Tour 2012 Lars Wallin & The TribeLars & College Fall, France

Summer Tour 2012 Lars Wallin & The TribeLars & College Fall, France

Day 1.
Thursday 16 august. A tour on the French riviera organized by friends
(Michael O’Leary from the band Untidy Execution, Rauky Moliner and
Clarisse Bruyere from Little Green Fairy,) with friends (Glenn Musto
and Jodie Lee Bartlett from College Fall. The tribe feat, me, Martin
Wennerberg, Kent Andreasson, roadies Mattias Jarsén and Jenny Qvick),
can’t think of a better way to end our summer tour.
After two fantastic weeks on the road in Sweden with our dear friends
from Melbourne, Australia College Fall it was time for boarding in
Gothenburg. Destination Marseille, France. A cup of coffee and some
reading later it was time to pack the gear in our rental cars. Time
21.45, gig 24.00 distance 200 k’s, let’s go, Sete here we come. After
a few detours here and there we finnally saw two familiar faces,
legendary Rauky from the band Little Green Fairy and Michael from the
band Untidy Execution. We parked near the cool bar La Praia located on
a awesome beach. The party had already started so we plugged in and after a few songs by the tribe we swapped with our mates
College Fall, then invited back again to join them in a few songs
before we ended the night with our song I remember. Back at Raukys’s
place it was time for a well earned glass of red, some cheese and
bread, magic moment. So good to see all the familiar faces, Rauky
Eric and Clarisse Bruyere from Little Green Fairy, Michael O’Leary and
Pascale Coutouly from Untidy Execution, new friends Isabelle, Alfy,
Teresa + many more. Did a mention that we got served the best goat
cheese, mm!

Day 2.
Friday 17 august. Me, Martin and Mattias was up early and decided to
check out the little town together while the other kept on their
dreamings. We went down to the market, bought som fresh bread, cheese,
tomatos, beer and wine. After a memorable breakfast, (the simplest
things are the best, coffe, bread and cheese) and later on lunch did
Qvicko and I cruise town again, beautiful with the canals and old
buildings. Tonight’s gig were at a place called Concept Cafe, a venue
that got absolutely packed. Lars Wallin & The TribeLars opened the
night with a, if you don’t mind me saying it, really great gig. Full
on, loaded with heaps of Pastis, wine and beer. College Fall were
amazing, such a great concert, a few friends from Melbourne and Sydney
showed up, it’s a small world. Untidy Execution gave us a grande
finale with their cool Bowery – 76 rock, brilliant gig. Also cool that
their bassplayer Tony (former member in Prefab Sprout) made his first
gig with the band. A really great party that ended very late.

Day 3.
Saturday 18 august. As usual me, Martin and Mattias went off early to
get some fresh bread for our brecky. At lunch we took the cars to La
Praia, what a beach. We had some beer under the umbrellas, wen’t for
some swimming in the hot water +26. I had myself a new experience, got
stung by a little fish Vive, had no idea what it was, lucky me
Clarisse explained, all I needed to do was to visit the life savers
who put my foot an a bucket with hot water. They also showed me a
little bucket so I could se the fish, really small 5 cm. Anyway the
venom and pain got away after one hour, no worries. Back at Raukys
place it was time to pack up for tonight’s gig at Bistro du Marche.
Have to admit it was kind of weird with a street between the ”stage”
and the audience, it actually came cars that passed by during our set,
great fun. Heaps of people showed up, one of many worth to mention
must be Chris from possible France coolest club Mojomatic. We did two
sets each this night. Sets that ended up with Rauky guesting on vocals
on the Saints classic song Simple love. another great night.

Day 4.
Sunday 19 august. We started the day with a visit at the local flea
market, had some breakfast with Isabelle, Eric Dim and Michael O’Leary
before it was time for a moving farewell. Not only did we have to say
goodbye to our dear friends in France, it was also time to say goodbye
to Jodio and Glenno our best friends forever. Hope to see you all soon
again. We made a quick visit in Marseille before we went to the
airport. A revoir my dear friend. Thanks Rauky and Michael for
inviting us to beautiful Sete in France,


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