Lars Wallin: Pearl of the east (Acoustic)

Acoustic version of Pearl Of The East by Lars Wallin

Film by Negatif Film, Abdullha Alsalem. Studio N3, Trollhättan sound by Anders Odelius.

Peal Of The East

She’s been praised for her luchness and beautyEmpires rise and fall tells the storyThough her daughters, they had to leaveThey still dream of that old JasmineShe’s the pearl of the eastHer beauty never ceasedShe’s the pearl of the eastInshallah she will be releasedLike the rythm of a beating heartInside of me we never been apartSome cross foreign land and watersTrying to reach distant borders…That are closed for you, somehow we will make it throughBorders… that are closed for you, somehow we will make it throughYou’re the pearl of the eastYour beauty never ceasedYou’re the pearl of the eastInshallah you will be released

Lars Wallin: Vocals, guitar. Text & Music: Lars Wallin.



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