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En tidning om didjeridu, intervjuer, reportage, tips mm. De 3 första nr var på Tyska, 4’e nr innehöll en bilaga på engelska. Från nr 5 är tidningen nu helt på engelska. Du kan beställa Didgeridoo magazine direkt av mig. Obs! nr 2 är utsåld. Pris 60:- st + frakt 15:- inom Sverige.

Det går också att prenumerera och få tidningen hemskickad i brevlådan från redaktionen i Tyskland.
Lars Wallin, email: larswallin@sverige.nu tel. 0737 544020. Tidningarna finns på lager i Uddevalla så leverans sker direkt. Varje nr innehåller ca 48 sidor läsning.


Nr 14 2005 Innehåll: Editorial/Imprint News Djalu CD Series, Northern Land Council, Travel news Feedback Reader’s letters People Hello Doc, my Didge is squeaking Anja C. Ruschke Bone Man Tour Charlie McMahon Didge maker extraordinaire Marko Johnson Didgeridoo making My didge speaks EMU, but my… News from Didgecountry by Chris Dehler CDs CD reviews Martin Sommer, Ondrey Smeykal Service List of advertisements Magazine Collection Order form Gatherings / Meetings Workshops, small ads Web tips List of teachers List of distributors Cartoon by Marcel Düvier Concert/Dates Events Didgeridoo & Djembe Festival Kaufbeuren, Germany Didjin Oz 2005 Festival Italy

Didgeridoo Magazine
Nr 13 2005 Innehåll: Feedback Readers’ letters Draw/Questionnaire 3 CDs of Wild Marmalade “Live” People Portrait Frank Heinkel A Horror story… Dicky Posstlethwaite Yidaki making with Djalu Gurruwiwi Workshop – Yidaki Hard Tongue Didgeridoo CD by Milkay Mununggurr Aboriginal Descendance took Hollywood by storm Culture clash or just a one man’s opinion Instrument The Hang The musical flying saucer Designer Didgeridoo CDs CD reviews Axis, Michael Jackson, Frank Heinkel, Stephen Kent Service List of advertisements Magazine collection Order form Didgeridoo advice with Professor Woot Gatherings / Meetings Workshops, small ads Web tips List of teachers List of distributors Gallery Cartoon by Patrick Sioda Event Gallery Swizzeridoo and Dreamtime Berlin 2005 Festival calendar 2005: Austria, Germany, USA Concerts/Dates

Nr 12 2005 Innehåll: Feedback Reader’s letters Competion Big draw in favour to Ganga Giri People The Geccoman – Ansgar Manuel Stein The man behind Swizzeridoo – Roman Buss A rising star on the didge scene – Prince Dugmo Saffron Workshop Dance with your breath Country Arnhemland tales Yidaki Study the Gunbork style Instrument Loved trümpi – The magic of the Jew’s harp CDs CD reviews – Rachel Tighe, Ilja Sibbor Service List of advertisements Magazine collection Order form Didgeridoo advice with Professor Woot Gatherings/Meetings Web tips List of teachers List of distributors Event Carnival of Cultures – Being there is everything Big festival calendar 2005 – Detailed overview Concerts/Dates

Nr11 (Engelsk) jan, feb, mar -05
Readers’ letters Way beyond what I can grasp Competition The winner of the Hicks Stick It taught me to do things softly, gently and patiently Wanderer between cultures Sven Molder Unusual requests are no problem but… Ant Scott Workshop Passive inhalation A few basic exercises for playing the yidaki Travel A journey to the origins of the didgeridoo Back to the didge roots with Matthias MüllermSport Which boomerang to try? Service List of advertisements Magazine collection Play didj Free didgeridoo software Didge clubs United Kingdom Web tips List of teachers List of distributors See you in Dorsten…CD series Playing the didgeridoo

Nr10 (Engelsk) okt, nov, dec -04
Competition ! The winner of the yidaki Don’t miss your chance to win a didge made by Ben Hicks News Flash Melbourne – an enormous ant colony People Imagine you suddenly discover you’re an Aborigine… Jeremy Donovan
Never heard of him? Well, that’s about to change Vince
Workshop Writing music for the didgeridoo Is it necessary.
News from Yirrkala Dhakiyarr vs. The King New TV production Milkaynu Munungurr Artist profile Aboriginal culture Descendance Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander dance group
History The didgeridoo of the Bronze Age The Lur Event No time to catch your breath! Festivals in Germany and Switzerland Belgian world music festival SFINKS 2004 CDs Critical remarks on the subject of didgeridoo music Tongue n Groove, Ash Dargan, Mark Atkins, Abre Noir, Gondwanaland Scene The didgeridoo scene in Italy Sessions Didge clubs in UK Webtipps List of teachers and many more

Nr9 (Engelsk) jul, aug, sept -04
The Danish-Aussie royal… The Gathering / A somewhat different kind of a didge event Books
The Boomerang Information Book, Gagadju Man, Journeylines, How To ‘Khöömei’ Webtips List of teachers and many more Face Bass Willi Grimm Yolngu Tour Festival People Analogue Birds / Tom Fronza Synergy with two Didge players… / AXIS Guardian of the Songs / John Burrows Body and Spirit Didgeridoo and Meditation
Yidaki Didgeridoo Study Tour Aboriginal Culture Westwind blows to the Middle East Travel The didge was worth giving up a secure public service job / 24.000 km through the NT

Nr8 (Engelsk) apr, maj, jun -04
Series From the German Didgeridoo Lexicon Buying tips, Part 2 Guan Lim The Didgeridoo on the Global Market, Part 4 News from Yirrkala Watjuku Gurruwiwi News from Yirrkala Artist of the month CDs Eder and Hortling
David Hudson Beasts of Paradise Denra Dürr Shozo Festival calendar International festivals 2004 small ads
Webtips List of teachers List of distributors and many more People Practise like anything Rachel Tighe No stickfor sitting in the corner… David Hudson Living with a Ghost Shozo and Ali Japtap Didge Story Our winner and his story Physics and construction The digital didge Dr.Frank Geipel Workshop Squeek technique Ansgar-Manuel Stein Playing techniques – A foundation II Marc Miethe Developing your rhythmic technique IV Randy Graves Competition Win an authentic Yidaki! Last issue’s competition winners

Nr7 (Engelsk) jan, feb, mar -04
Workshops: Playing the Didgeridoo – a Foundation with Marc Miethe Playing technique part 3 with GöG
Improving your rhythmic technique with Randy Graves T-Shirts and CDs from Drum´n´Didge to be won Verena König, didge-power woman with NYSB Eddy Halat, didge builder: part 2 David Hudson Si Mullumby from Wild Marmalade Johnny „Didge“ Matthews, part 2 Bruce Rogers: didge building as a passion
Aboriginal Art and Culture: Queensland Aboriginal Art, Shawn Kalk Edwards and Lisa Michl Serie: Tips for buying a didgeridoo part 1, from the Didgeridoo Lexikon Jeremy Cloake: News from Yirrkala Guan Lim: The Didgeridoo In The Global Market Part 3 CD and book reviews, Events Calendar, List of Teachers

Nr6 (Engelsk) okt, nov, dec -03
Interview with Frank Thill Part 2 Readers Letter How to Play a Didge Duet by Stefan GÖG Building Workshop : Didge-in-a-Box Interview with Kyle Maplesden Part 2 Developing Your Rhythmic Technique by Randy Graves Part 2 The Eternal Presence – A CD Project First Class Didgeridoos and Art – Eddy Halat Interview CD review: Djalu’s CD Project Win a First-Class Didgeridoo News from Yirrkala – From Yirrkala to Tokyo
Didgecrafting with Ben Hicks, Part 2 Festival Season Review Interview: Johnny „Didge“ Matthews
Column Guan Lim: The Didge in the Global Market Part 2 Aboriginal Culture : sell-out yesterday and today
The House of Aboriginality by Dr. Vivien Johnson Didgeridoo teachers List Djalus CD Project – Part 2 CD-Reviews and lots more

Nr5 (Engelsk) jul, aug, sept -03
Inner Strength Folk-Rock with a Mystical Touch Didging Down South Germany Rhythm Instruction Playing Technique by GöG Collected Quotes Overheard comments while busking Book Review – Saltwater Yirrkala Bark Paintings of Sea Country Column Guan Lim The Didgeridoo in the Global Market News from Yirrkala Buku Larrnggay Mulka Interview Frank Thill/li> Making Your Own Didge Part 1 Ben Hicks Interview Kyle Maplesden Character Corner Chad Butler Rhythm Instruction Randy Graves List of didgeridoo teachers Events – Dates CD-reviews and many more

Nr4 (Engelsk) apr,maj,jun-03
Garma 2003 Guan Lim. The Didgeridoo…where to next? Dreamtime Berlin 2003 Matt Bartlett interview The Stolen Generation CD reviews Ganga Giri 2003 and Band and many more…

Nr3 (Engelsk) jan,feb,mars-03
The Didgeridoo’s Rock Festival Le rêve de l’Aborigène 1.French Festival White Cockatoo Performance Group
Joshua Tree Festival 2002 Trip to Darwin Didjin’ Devon Festival 2002 DIDGERISSION New and unorthodox music
and many more…

Nr2 (Engelsk) okt,nov,dec-02
The Ripangu Yirdaki Festival Darryl Dikarrna Brown David Blanasi Triute Festival Didjeridu Sound Massage
The unheard didjeridu Festival Highlights Building Bamboo Didges Adventure Australia (story of Willi Grimm 2)

Nr1 (Engelsk) jul,aug,sep-02
The history of the didjeridu (Ed Drury) Beginners guide Northern Territory University Interview with Charlie McMahon part2 Interview with Randy Graves Adventure Australia (story of Willi Grimm)

Nr4 (Engelsk bilaga) apr,maj,jun-02
Bamboo Flutes Traditional Australian Art Le réve de l’Aborigène. First French Festival 2002
Joshua Tree Festival 2002 / USA 1. Didjin’ Devon Festival in GB Arnhemland Tour 2002 CDs, Books News, Tips, Info and much more….

Nr3 okt,nov,dec-01
Leserbriefe Berichte über verschiedene Events: Didgedays Stuttgart, Swizzeridoo, Australienwochenende im Schwarzwald, Uhuru, Global-Music im Spexx, Klangtraum Symposium Didgeridoo- Lern CDs vorgestellt und bewertet Kolumne von David Lindner Didgeridoosammlung vorgestellt: die schweizer Felicitas und Gerhard Finke Didgeridoo-Läden in Oz Bandvorstellung: Thomas Fronza und Freunde

Nr2 jul,aug,sep-01
Leserbriefe Bericht über das Dreamtime Festival und Art, Berlin Yidaki- Bau mit Djalu Gurruwiwi
Musikinstrumente vorgestellt: Djembe, Sabar, Bougarabou Newcomer: Yidaki Beat aus Australien Exklusivinterview mit Bruce Rogers Bandvorstellung: Yulara Vorstellungen: Bücher, CDs, Filme, Videos
Ein Bericht über die Deutsche Didgeridoo Mailingliste

Nr1 apr,maj,jun-01
Leserbriefe Review der Didgeridooevents 2000 Ein Didgeridoo- Baukurs mit Bruce Rogers Das Buku Larrnggay Mulka Centre, eine Galerie in Arnhemland Exklusivinterview mit Ganga Giri Musikinstrumente Vorgestellt: Die Fujara Selbermachen: Das ideale Einsteigerdidge Vorstellungen: Bücher, CDs, Filme, Videos Ein neues Unternehmen: Rirpangu Yirdaki



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