15-22/6 – 08 Czech Republic Tour

CZECH REPUBLIC TOUR PART 2! 15th – 22th june 2008

We (Lars Wallin, Thorolf ”Twodox” Andersson and Peter Hansson) arrived in Prague 19.30 am on Sunday the 15th june. Petr Ruzicka our local promoter/manager from ANK Music welcomed us at the airport and drove us in his old german policebus (How cool is that!)to his home in Dubi, 1 hour north of Prague. We got home just in time to buy a few beers and to watch the footy.

Monday the 16th we left early to Teplice and central school Eduard Benes, in the gymnasium hall we did a gig for maybe 100 students, great fun and very hot! In the afternoon we drove back to the beautiful Prague for at gig at the Vagon Music Club, this show was also broadcasted by a webcam so people from all over the world could watch it. Do i have to mention that we love the price for the local beer, gee it’s nearly for free! It was great fun playing at the Vagon, I love those clubs underground, with brickwalls.

Tuesday the 17th june, time for a gig at the school in Dubi, lot’s of young children got the chanse to hear a didjeridu for the first time in their life.One of the teachers invited us to come and tour Ukraine next year, that would be awesome! In the afternoon we relaxed, had a walk in Dubi and a few beers of course. In the afternoon we went to Petrs summerhouse for a barbq.

Wednesday the 18th a day off, so we decided to drive to Dresden in Germany, shocking history with the bombing 1945, but also absolutely fantastict beautiful city. Had some German beer, walked a lot in the old and new parts of the city.

Thursday 19th, long drive south trough Czech Republic (beautiful land) to Valaske Mezirici. On our way we stopped at Pribor to see the house where Sigmund Freud was born, and yes we all layed down on his couch. In Valaske Mezirici we left our bags at the hotel and went out to check out the city, had a great meal with pasta, pizza, beer, wine while we were watching germany winning against Portugal.

Friday 20th, after breakfast we drove up to the mountains, fantastic view, we drove to a small city were we had lunch. In the evening the festival kicked off with a heavy rain, didn’t last to long though. Down underground and the M-club we did our best gig ever, the venue was packed and everything went really well, a pure folk’n punk gig which ended with Peter Hansson throwing his bass on the floor, ha ha, mad but fun! After the gig we had to hurry and pack our bags, we were going to do another gig at the same night on another festival Opava Festival. We drove for about 1 hour, the festival were next to a like with Poland on one side and Czech Republic on the other. We were supposed to be on stage 23.00, but everything was running late (other bands) so we didn’t start until 23.35, and everything had to be quiet 24.00, so we did a short gig with terrible sound, but what the heck, it was fun anyway. After the gig we went back to the hotel were we had some wine and beer with the german deathmetal band Bionic Angels.

Sat 21th we drove all the way back to Prague, 6 hours drive. We stopped 70 k’s outside Prague for a nice barbq in the forest, next to a place were two rivers met and ended up as one, very beautiful place! More, beer, wine and sausages! In the evening we drove to the Banchr club were we where supposed to do a full gig in the evening. The owner wanted to close early since there was a free outdoor festival going on in town and hi didn’t excpect any guest, so we played a few songs and packed our bags, checked in at our hotel and went down to the big square in central Prague to drink beer and watch Russia beat Holland on a big screen. We also watched the sunset on the Charles Bridge, so beautiful.

On sunday the 22th it was bloody 37c degrees hot, puh! We walked and took hundreds of pictures, had a beer at the classic Cafe Louvren, had another beer here and there! Petr took us to the castl, what a view and so beautiful before he drove us to the airport. We had a fantastic week, and we recieved more toursuggestions, so I guess you will soon be able to see Lars Wallin & The TribeLars here and there in the future!

Dekujéme/Thanks! Lars Wallin



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